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Help Desk Software Version 3.4.1 a Brave New Search Engine

This Version of Help Desk Reloaded Introduces a Knowledge Base Style Search engine that can be made accessible to end users, and is always present for help desk software technicians and administrators. The help desk search engine allows keyword searching based on keyword count, frequency of trouble ticket visits, and other statistical factors.

Help Desk Software Search

On the above help desk page you can locate trouble tickets based on date, or based on end user information. An interesting search feature is searching based on page views. You can easily find your top problems by searching for trouble tickets with more than 100 page views, of course you will want to adjust the page views search criteria based on your company size and about of users on the help desk. The date between search box will take a standard numeric date format, or you can even search the help desk for tickets between Monday and Friday, spelled out. Please note, currently the trouble ticket priority search is not ready for use (next release).


help desk software search engine

The above screen shows the search interface for help desk administrators. You can enter keywords separated by commas or spaces. Enter as many or as few keywords as you want. Keywords will be highlighted in the output of the search results to help aid locating the appropriate trouble ticket.

help desk software search results

Notice below you can use multiple keywords in the help desk search interface. Also note how results are sorted based on keyword density.

Help Desk Software Search Results 2

So far we have shown you the administrator and technicians search interface. If you wish to allow end users to be able to search through trouble tickets you must enable it in the help desk control panel. You also must set each ticket you wish to be visible to end users as "published" as shown below. End users can only see trouble tickets which are published.

Help Desk Software Control Panel


Here is where you choose if you want an end user to be able to view the trouble ticket or not. If a trouble ticket's visibility is set as held, end users may not access it in any way.

Help Desk Software Trouble Ticket

End users will use a link off from index.php to view the knowledge base. The link will only appear if the knowledge base is enabled properly as shown above in the help desk control panel. Please note, if you are still using default.htm you will not see these features, you must use index.php to use the help desk ticket lookup feature and the knowledge base search system.

Help Desk Software Main Page


1. Help Desk Back-end Database Structure & Tables

2. Creating a Database Name for the Help Desk Software

3. Installing the Help Desk Software

4. About our testing environment and the help desk demo.

5. Software you may need to install for the help desk to work.

6. Click Here For Information about the HelpDesk config.php file that is created by the install process.

7.Defect Tracking Page to update you on revisions on the help desk software.

8. Configuring Help Desk and Email Trouble Ticket Notification

9. Help Desk New Features Walk Through version 3.40

10. Help Desk Version 3.4.1 a New Search System

11. A Unique way to find trouble tickets. Browse by Problem new to help desk software version 3.4.2

12. Common Problems and Issues with the Help Desk, A basic look and a few thoughts.

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