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Before you install the database you may want to make sure that your MySQL server has a database name avialable to install the software to. Simply login to the MySQL server and use the


This will help you isolate the help desk software from other programs that may be installed on your MySQL server. It also may help with some problems that can arrise when the automatic database creation process in the help desk software fails on some configurations.

Example of how to create a Database Name for the help desk software.

Help Desk Software Create Database Name

1. Help Desk Back-end Database Structure & Tables

2. Creating a Database Name for the Help Desk Software

3. Installing the Help Desk Software

4. About our testing environment and the help desk demo.

5. Software you may need to install for the help desk to work.

6. Click Here For Information about the HelpDesk config.php file that is created by the install process.

7.Defect Tracking Page to update you on revisions on the help desk software.

8. Configuring Help Desk and Email Trouble Ticket Notification

9. Help Desk New Features Walk Through version 3.40

10. Help Desk Version 3.4.1 a New Search System

11. A Unique way to find trouble tickets. Browse by Problem new to help desk software version 3.4.2

12. Common Problems and Issues with the Help Desk, A basic look and a few thoughts.

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