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Help Desk Calls can quickly become a problem when call times raise above an hour, or sometimes even days, which is totally unacceptable in regards to most help desk calls which are simple and often routine.

We will focus on two primary ways to speed help desk trouble ticket resolution:

1. Disconnect the phone. Phone conversations often contain non-pertinent information or are a knee jerk reaction to a simple problem. Forcing users to submit problems to the help desk requires them to think through their problem while writing about it, and potentially gives them an opportunity to self-help. Its important that you inform the users that the help desk does not go to some mystical “black hole” and that it will help monitored even more frequently than the phone system.
2. When using Help Desk Reloaded, assign one staff to sort tickets and then assign them to the appropriate staff member, or setup user accounts to only accept certain tickets categories in control panel. For instance, you may want user Ted Smith to only see Internet related problems. The more you can drill down your data to the appropriate people the better your staff can quickly answer trouble tickets.

Finally the administrators now have new powerful reporting tools that can help you determine how time is being spent. We welcome your comments and suggestions in regards to the reporting on the help desk discussion forum. Don’t forget to set you pop-up blocker to trust your help desk, or the reporting feature will not work correctly.